The Formation of the Kittredge Numismatic Foundation

John Kittredge was well known as a generous and supportive member of the numismatic community, both in Worcester, Massachusetts and in New England. Much of his collection concentrates on Crowns and Talers from the 15th century onward. He also has a collection of U.S. coins, New England Numismatic Association (NENA) medals, tokens and other items. All told he had over 7,200 coins and other items that are now in the collection.

Upon his death, John’s collection went to the Kittredge Numismatic Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to preserve John’s collection, to promote numismatics in the New England region, and to generally provide an educational and research source for the greatest community possible.

Because of the scope and nature of John’s collection, and the endowment of the Foundation, there is an exciting prospect to achieve John’s goals, although one that does not lend itself to the traditional museum setting. It was decided, therefore, to create a “virtual museum” for the coins and medals.

With the help of Ethan Gruber (whose expertise and assistance is gratefully acknowledged) this site has been created to be an ongoing resource for the professional researcher, the serious numismatist and the casual collector of coins and medals. We have used open source software in creating this site, so that others may freely use and modify this application for their own purposes, and also help us continually improve the ease of access and quality of the information.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments on this website.

Matthew F. Erskine, Esq.
Trustee, Kittredge Numismatic Foundation

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